Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Preliminaries Part 2

Tonight we are meeting with both of our moms to discuss our wedding. I bought "The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner" today to help. Honestly, it made me feel way overwhelmed. I bought it to help me with details and well.... I didn't know there were so many details. So before I get overwhelmed and actually have to make decisions, atleast I can dream about what I want for a little while longer, right? Oh yeah, catering= the devil. Enough said.

For those of you that know me, know that I've already semi-planned a wedding before and bridesmaids dresses were bought. I have not remained close to many of those people and my sister has also reached 18 so things have slightly changed... Only one of my bridesmaids remain. I hope she doesn't mind getting another dress. (Love you Amanda!) This one is way more practical though and can be worn again for something else. Its also only $100. Isn't it beautiful?

Another thing I've thought about is invitations. I want them to be original, even thought of making them myself. I thought about making them on the computer and adding special touches to them by adding sand and stickers to give it the nice beach feel. I think I like this idea better. Only thing is, how in the world do you send these? I guess you have to ship them. $$$$ I think it would be cheaper in the long run. I wouldn't have to get fancy paper and actually could probably go with regular printer paper with a design on it. The bottles range from $.70-1.15. Add a little sand (free) and a couple small shells (also free), a little ribbon and viola!

I've given a little thought to the music.I have to incorperate my inner rock chick. Don't be suprised to hear "New Canon Rock" at my wedding. Someway, somehow, that song will be played before/after/or during my ceremony. We are going to ask Derek's cousin to possibly DJ (if we are allowed to hire our own and of course if he would be willing). Maybe his prices will be reasonable and it will be one of those things we don't have to stress over too much.

Back to the whole catering= the devil. You know how much they want at the Sheraton? Minumum $40 a person. If I have 100 guests, you do the math. Atleast its not 100 a person, I guess it could be a lot worse. Either way, OUCH.

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